5 Reasons to Visit Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Riviera Maya

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Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts Riviera Maya is a luxury resort in Mexico, designed explicitly for families traveling with kids. The resort has a unique charm that brings Nickelodeon’s iconic characters to life, making it an ideal vacation destination for families with kids. Nickelodeon has been a popular name among families for over 30 years, and this hotel is a perfect representation of the entertainment brand’s charisma.

Here are the five reasons why you should visit Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts, Riviera Maya.

Themed Rooms:

Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts Riviera Maya offers themed room that are suitable for families with kids. The resort has 280 suites that are creatively designed to provide families with a comfortable and entertaining stay. The themed rooms include a SpongeBob Square Pants-themed suite, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-themed suite, and even a Paw Patrol – themed suite. Each suite has a unique decor design from the bedding to the bathroom and other furnishings. The rooms have a touch of Nickelodeon characters that come alive and offer an unforgettable stay experience.

Dining Experience:

Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts Riviera Maya offers a range of dining experiences that cater to the needs of both parents and kids. The resort’s dining options range from buffets to a la carte restaurants. The resort’s restaurants are accentuated with creative Nickelodeon-themed decor elements, making dining a fun experience for kids and adults alike. The five-star resort also specializes in healthy meals and offers personalized menus for those with dietary restrictions. Whether it’s a leisurely breakfast, elegant dinners, or late-night snacks, there are dining options for everyone.


Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts Riviera Maya has a wide range of entertainment activities that keep the kids engaged. The resort hosts daily activities such as arts and crafts, painting, and scavenger hunts. The resort’s outdoor playground features replicas of Patrick Starfish and SpongeBob SquarePants, among other popular Nickelodeon characters, allowing kids to have fun while parents relax. The hotel’s Nickelodeon Place is a great place to relax, with a theatre, arcade, and shops featuring Nick-branded merchandise, and more. The resort also has an indoor aqua park, which provides an entertainment experience for both kids and adults.

Relaxation for Parents:

While kids enjoy themselves at the resort’s activities and play areas, parents can take advantage of a well-rounded vacation filled with relaxation and rejuvenation. There are several options available for parents who just want to unwind, including spa treatments, fitness classes, private beach access, and adult-only pools. These options provide a much-needed escape from the daily grind and offer mom and dad a short break that they deserve.


Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts Riviera Maya offers guests other fun activities outside of the resort. The hotel provides access to several adventure parks, including zip-lining and snorkeling in Cancun’s crystal-clear waters. The resort can also organize guided tours of the surrounding tropical forests. The hotel’s location in Riviera Maya makes it easy to explore other attractions, including the Mayan ruins, Chichen Itza and Tulum.

In summary, Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts Riviera Maya offers a unique vacation experience for families with kids and serves as an ideal destination for anyone who wants to have a private refreshing experience. It’s a place where kids can have endless fun, and parents can relax comfortably. The resort offers accommodation options that are suitable for all kinds of families and dining options that cater to all tastes. So, whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday or an adventure-packed vacation, Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts Riviera Maya has something to offer everyone.

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